What to do if HTC One M8 Boots in the Safe Mode?

Some HTC One M8 owners have reported that their brand new smartphones boot into the safe mode. Safe mode can be recognized by the words ‘safe mode’ which appear at the lower left corner of the display.

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Follow the steps given below to resolve the issue:

  • Restart or soft reset the HTC One M8. This process does not erase any data from the phone. It is different from a normal shutdown and a power up, in the sense that the phone gets refreshed with a soft reboot/restart. For restarting the device press and hold the power button to get the options. Then tap on the option ‘restart.’ Tap on restart again to confirm. The phone will now boot up into normal mode.
  • If the phone still boots in safe mode, then factory reset the M8. This process will erase all data from the phone. Hence, make sure that your data is backed up before you reset the device. Also, as the process can take some time to complete, users may either ensure that the phone battery is fully charged, or plug the device into the charger and then perform the reset.
  • To perform a factory reset using the screen via settings,
    • Go to Settings – > tap on Backup & Reset
    • Tap on the option ‘Reset phone’
    • Select the option ‘Erase all data’ so as to delete all data from the phone’s storage
    • Select the option ‘Erase SD card’ so as to all data from the storage card.
    • Tap on ‘ok’

HTC One M8 phone

  • Sometimes, the factory reset process may not work from the screen settings option, either due to an unresponsive screen or due to unknown reasons. In such cases, users may use the hardware buttons of the phone to factory reset the device. To perform a factory reset using the hardware buttons on the M8,
    • Press and hold the power button till the phone is completely turned off.
    • Now, press and hold the ‘volume down’ key and then press the power key for a short time. Release or let go of the volume down button when an icon appears on the screen.
    • Now, press the hardware buttons in following sequence to factory reset the HTC One M8: Volume up, then volume down, then power, then volume down.
  • If the issue persists, then contact HTC support or visit a service center for additional assistance, including replacement of the phone.



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