Xiaomi Mi3 – Delayed Notifications for Some Apps (Fix)

There are many users of the Xiaomi Mi3 who have faced issues of notification delay for some apps, especially for apps like WhatsApp, Outlook.com, and Gmail, etc. It is fortunately a minor issue which can be resolved easily.

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  • The first thing that needs to be done is to allow/set all the apps, including all android system and all Google apps, from which you wish to get notifications without delay to auto-start. This can be done by,
    • Go to Settings – > Security – > Permission – > Auto-start Management – > tap to add auto-start apps
    • The second step is to lock all the apps in the multitasking tray. This will prevent it from being stopped or killed during a clear up operation.
      • To lock an app, long-press the Menu key. This will display all apps that are running at the backend. Drag/swipe down the specific app icons to lock them.

Now all notifications will appear on time on the Xiaomi Mi3 without any delays.


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