BlackBerry Z10 for Verizon and AT&T- Features and Pictures

Leaked images of RIM’s new BlackBerry Z10 shows some interesting features. A source that revealed the images has been on a test-hunting mission of two variants of the BlackBerry phone. These two variants are the AT&T and the Verizon ones. In one of the images, Verizon brand featured on the front cover.  

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RIM is expected to release Z10 series of the BlackBerry phone on 30th January 2013 at a big press event. Some of the impressions shown on the Z10 are quality design cover, which is black and feels more like a rubbery grip material with snaps resembling the back cover of Galaxy S3. The 4.3″ screen is great and the phone may feature a redesigned BB10 operating system. 

ETrate Supply, a smartphone parts company also got hold of some components of the new BlackBerry phone and in them, it is revealed that a microSD slot and HDMI port may feature in the phone. This means that users may be able to expand their storage capacity from the initial built-in to a larger space. The phone is reportedly expected to be 10mm thick though not a record-breaking size. 

The phone supports Flash file formats and has a fast web browser equivalent of desktop browser. In addition, with this phone, users can expect to set up separate profiles including personal use and work related information. This may be an ideal feature for users who would like to use one phone for both business and playing games. 

The phone is expected to integrate well with Evernote, an app supported by numerous operating systems, and which allows users make portable lists. Evernote suite is designed for note taking and users can get archiving services in a paid version. Evernote has more than 45 million users and this will be a huge benefit for people who would like to use their BlackBerry phones for work and personal task. 

BlackBerry Z10 features a new AppWorld store, which resembles the Google Play store, designed for Android apps. AppWorld offers free and paid apps including games, social apps, Messaging and RAM optimizer. Moreover, it will take users one minute to boot up the phone.

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